Ghostery Privacy Browser




Browse in secret, without anyone spying on you



Ghostery Privacy Browser is an Android browser that lets you securely browse the web with the certainty that your data won't reach any company like Google, Amazon, or Facebook.

Just like any other self-respecting web browser, Ghostery Privacy Browser lets you have several tabs open at the same time and access them all quickly. Plus, you can add pages to your favorites so you can access them more quickly. In short, you can pretty much do everything you normally do on a traditional browser, only with more security.

A unique feature on Ghostery Privacy Browser is found right next to the See All Tabs button, and lets you view all the active trackers on a website. Users can then deactivate any of these trackers just by clicking on them ... or learn a little more about what exactly it is they do.

Ghostery Privacy Browser is a powerful Android browser that comes with all the basic browser features and adds an extra layer of security for users who value their privacy highly.
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